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Jan 10, 2013 6:00am PST
san francisco says steph thanks for the comfortable words that you are working on an alternate universe. everybody -- >> yeah. we have elves working. >> stephanie: otherwise hordes of us would certainly be straining obamacare for mental stress. you are a helper. >> thank you. >> stephanie: plus you can't be straining max and fred's nap time. >> stephanie: that's true. you can see all of us sexy liberal washington, d.c. inauguration week. all four sexy liberals. and two huge celebrity guests. let's see. damion writes we know all four sexy liberals will be there along with the mooks. here is what i want to know in addition which overall stars have been confirmed? i don't know. it would be cool to see [ inaudible ]. >> what? >> cream. >> what? >> stephanie: i'm telling you our listeners are becoming more famous than we are. rocky mountain mike not a standing o last time. nobody cares about us. chris a love better for you. >> for me? >> stephanie: steph, rolland sexy liberal tour director and chris are awesome. i wasn't getting my calls returned. on monday i tweeted chris, and ten
Jan 22, 2013 6:00am PST
history, and you know -- i'll tell you it's anecdotal. i'm walking through -- and it's san francisco to be sure didn't charlie pierce say he saw two soldiers holding hands -- >> stephanie: yes. >> i saw two gay couples holding hands and they were several feet off of the ground at the san francisco airport, and i have got to say, i think there is something different now. we have turned a page from stonewall to yesterday. >> stephanie: david we were saying what an amazing time to be us, all of us. when you think of -- you know listening to what the president said at the inauguration, which even charlie pierce said wow i didn't see stonewall coming. and standing there talking to tammy baldwin, i get back to the hotel and run into chris perry and i thought really what an amazing time to be us at this civil rightest battle in our history. >> it is an extraordinary time. and i have to tell you something, for me -- jesse jackson watching the president talking about this. remember jesse jackson ran for president, and first started talking about some of these things. i was the human rights organ
Jan 2, 2013 6:00am PST
an emergency landing in salt lake. then they had to fly him to san francisco and it took him like 1,5001 hours but he made it. >> then you put him in a grueling bicycle -- >> stephanie: i made him ride four hours uphill up a volcano. >> don't make him ride into a volcano. >> he probably wished he had fallen into the volcano after that. >> there are no live volcanos on maui. just on hawaii. >> stephanie: i spent christmas alone. christmas morning we're like any other married couple, we don't have sex because by the second or third day of the vacation, everybody is calling him my husband. yes. >> if that makes you happy. >> did you have join that nice old couple on the cruise at the dinner table? >> stephanie: one dinner, the waiter said happy new year, miller family. we're like -- >> sew took your name. >> stephanie: apparently. >> of course. >> stephanie: apparently he's mr. miller. >> you would make him take your name. >> stephanie: he's now my bee-otch. >> or gets the volcano again. >> stephanie: first morning he got there, i started crying. roland, hold me. i'm so lonely. and l
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3